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Comfort and a stylish look are the basis of fashionable beachwear. Especially in the summer season, it is worth paying attention to them to be up to date with the latest trends. Airy dresses, pareos, and jewelry accessories will give you a unique holiday look. With products from Marilyn, you will adequately style for the summer and feel true confidence on the beach. Not sure which beach outfit to choose? We suggest below!

Beach fashion - comfort and style in the summer season

When we go to the beach, we want to feel comfortable and stylish simultaneously. It is worth choosing beachwear made of the highest quality materials, such as viscose, polyamide, or elastane, to make this possible. Thanks to the suitable fabric, the skin does not sweat too much and can breathe properly. In addition, it protects the body against harmful UV radiation and possible burns. An additional layer of beach clothing also reduces the feeling of wind.

In Marilyn's offer, all beach items are very soft to the touch, making them pleasant to the skin. Precise sewing and various cuts make them quickly adapt to any female figure. The durability of beachwear is also a definite plus. Even after many washes, they will look like new! Each of them is also resistant to mechanical damage and loss of shape. If you decide to buy a given model, you can be sure that it will serve you in the next season!

Beach fashion is not only about clothes but also accessories, which Marilyn's assortment does not lack. It is worth completing your beach outfit with a small, wicker basket with a decorative lace bow at the handle. It is a practical solution for people who want to make more things, and a handy and stylish basket will attract the attention of many women. An alternative to the basket can be a fashionable, transparent beach bag with a pink toiletry bag inside. It is an exceptionally spacious and comfortable proposition in which you can fit everything you need for the beach.

The beach fashion is also conquered by jewelry trends, such as neck and hip chains and a necklace with a bead element. These are the perfect ideas to diversify the beach styling, which, thanks to Marilyn products, will be comfortable and fashionable.

Beach fashion with Marilyn – the best summer ideas

Check out the Marilyn proposals if you are interested in beach fashion with exciting patterns and rich colors. A diverse selection of summer dresses, tunics, and pareos will make it easier to match the beach outfit to your taste. We have a large availability of many sizes so that every woman can find something for herself.

A unique idea will be a long, airy dress with lace inserts in the boho style. It beautifully emphasizes the shoulders and the outline of the waist. Another proposal may be a smooth dress with a large cut on the back and a neckline that will subtly emphasize the bust. You can also opt for one of the neon tunics you cannot overlook. Vivid and eye-catching colors will give your styling an energetic overtone.

The Marilyn assortment also includes cotton dresses with a motif of delicate dots and openwork proposals with a floral motif. These are romantic styles that go perfectly with jewelry accessories. Regardless of what options you choose, you will be able to enjoy fashionable and comfortable beachwear!

An essential issue in beach fashion is headwear that adequately protects against the sun and is an excellent addition to the chosen outfit. There is a powder pink baseball cap on the Marilyn website. In addition, its visor is studded with cubic zirconia, which will add energy to your summer styling.

If you don't have an idea for beach fashion yet, check out our website! Fashion inspirations from Marilyn will surely meet your expectations and provide adequate comfort in the summer season. Do not hesitate and choose your dream beach outfit today!