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Underwear of various types can be found in a woman's wardrobe - among them there are also items that perfectly match any look. They can be treated as undershirts, outerwear or as nightwear. There are few items of clothing as versatile as a top. At, you can also find tops made of various materials, suitable for many occasions next to bras, knickers and petticoats. Tops are a perfect base for many looks, they are more than irreplaceable in a woman’s wardrobe. They can be the base of an outfit or one of its elements.

All-purpose tops not only to get summer looks

Women's tops are a design borrowed from a men's clothing, equally enriched by some women's accents. Top still remains a sleeveless shirt but its cut is more suited to the female silhouette. Today, they are made of materials that ensure excellent air circulation, which is why they are great as a part of a summer look. Comfortable cotton will make any top fit perfectly to your body lines when emphasizing the natural lines and curves. Thanks to the cotton microfibers, these shirts are breathable and do not retain moisture. Seamless tops control your body by reducing waist and hip circumferences eliminating folds while elegantly supporting your breast. Plain tops without embossing features or other decorations will perfectly serve as undergarments worn under your clothing. Being devoid of seams will make it invisible, and the body-shaping effect gained when wearing a top will meet the expectations associated with this piece of garment. So you can wear them all year round underneath blouses and elegant shirts. In the summer season, you can be tempted to wear a top as a separate item. A colored top matched to your silhouette can become the grounds for a summer look. Especially, if it is additionally decorated with embroidery or lace. It is a great alternative to a classic t-shirt or a body. Especially, if they are velor or satin tops. In fact, a top is a chameleon garment, its character shifts depending on what you combine it with. So when buying a good quality top, you can be sure that it will not end up in your closet because of fashion that changes every season. When putting on a top, it is worth completing your look with some fashionable jewelry of a particular season.

Seductive tops

Since tops are also a part of the lingerie category, it is worth noting that they are not only made of cotton. The online store, e-Marilyn, offers also women's tops with decidedly different features. Lace tops are an extremely sexy item of women's clothing. Transparent lace adorns the body and profiled cups allow you create a tempting neckline. A top made of lace or transparent tulle emphasizes your feminine character. Most often it is worn as a undergarment but it can be combined with an evening jacket or a light cardigan by slightly braver women. This will surely produce a stunning effect. However, wearing this type of clothing should be carefully considered because it is easy to stretched boundaries of good tast.

Everyday linen tops

Linen tops are worn more and more often on a daily basis as thanks to them you can get a truly sensual look. They will work well with a skirt but also with jeans and, for example, a leather jacket. Tops made entirely of lace worn unaccompanied by other cloths are a really bold proposition but more and more often they can be found not only at fashion shows. They look great when worn with a plain t-shirt or shirt. Modern fashion encourages experimentation. Increasingly, some items of underwear are worn also unaccompanied by other cloths, which does not have to look vulgar. If you wear jackets accompanied by shirts or blouses on a daily basis then you will certainly like the idea of ​​wearing a spectacular top instead of them. A linen top under the jacket will produce an extremely interesting effect. Your neckline covered with a slightly translucent fabric will even make your office look no longer boring. A lace black top combined with an elegant jacket is a great idea for an evening outing. By buying one of the tops presented in our store you will not only get comfortable underwear, but also the base for many intriguing looks.