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One-piece swimsuits will never go out of style. It is not only an excellent option for a swimming pool but also a beach and other bathing areas. Nowadays, they look entirely different than the former unsightly simple costumes. Marilyn offers fashionable, attractive, and feminine one-piece swimsuits made of impeccable fabrics.

The assortment includes sexy monokini, tight, shiny costumes with animal motifs, patterns, and classic proposals. One-piece costumes perfectly cover any imperfections of the figure while having large hips and protruding belly. They are also intended for slim ladies who want to emphasize their strengths and stand out from other women.

One-piece bathing suits - outfits like from "Baywatch!"

Our store offers stylish one-piece swimsuits in various styles. One-piece swimsuits are not only an attribute of swimmers; it is an increasingly frequent choice of women who want to feel comfortable and attractive on the beach. They not only mask minor imperfections and make you slimmer but also subtly emphasize your strengths.

We have slimming, modeling, classic and patterned models. The cups are available in both push-up and soft versions and with delicate stiffeners with and without underwires. In addition, the one-piece Marilyn bathing suits have wide straps and narrow ones - each of the ladies will choose the perfect cut for her figure.

We even offer costumes like those from the "Baywatch" - fashionable design will undoubtedly attract the attention of sunbathers. A higher leg line lengthens the legs, and the briefs reveal the cheeks. This is an excellent solution for slender ladies who want to stand out from other women.

In addition to classic, patterned, and multi-colored one-piece swimsuits, you will also find bathing dresses in our assortment. They can successfully replace a swimming costume, and they will make you stand out from the crowd. Gathered at the front, they gently mask the tummy and the flared bottom - the hips. The padded cups emphasize the beautiful breasts, and the wide straps cover the broader shoulders.

Original one-piece bathing suits - original accessories and inserts

Marilyn offers one-piece swimsuits with exciting accessories. Some models are shiny and made of flexible polyamide. Sexy, with a deep neckline and cut sides, it is a proposal for ladies who are not afraid of challenges and emphasize their femininity.

The store also has outfits with various cutouts covered with fine mesh. Feminine and mysterious at the same time, it is a solution between elegant styling and a simple costume. The cutouts slim the waist, making them sleek and comfortable.

Among the one-piece swimsuits, there are models with adjustable straps and even removable ones that can be crossed. Many styles have push-ups and comfortable straps on the back. The costumes are available in a variety of sizes, both the smallest and the largest.

Monokini - pearls among one-piece swimsuits

In 1964, the American fashion designer Rudi Gernreich shocked the audience by introducing a monokini. Then the model appeared in a brief outfit consisting only of high-waisted black panties and braces passing between her naked breasts. Don't worry; modern monokini doesn't have to look so bold! Marilyn offers completely different models, feminine but more covered.

We offer monokini one-piece swimsuits that combine the features of a sexy bikini and a one-piece swimsuit. They accentuate the figure with a decorative stripe on the stomach, a lacing on the back, push-up cups, Brazilian panties, and lace-up adjustable sides. They come in a variety of colors, including floral and animal motifs.

Monokini, like no other one-piece swimsuit, emphasizes sexiness and attracts attention, and it is one of the biggest hits of Instagram influencers. It is a practical swimsuit because you do not have to worry that it will slide unnoticed in the water.

This one-piece swimsuit also covers your belly, scars, and pimples. So, if you are looking for something in between a one-piece and two-piece outfit - bet on this fashion hit!

One-piece swimsuits at affordable prices

Marilyn offers products at desirable prices, and it is worth following the site on an ongoing basis to find high discounts on one-piece swimsuits. In addition, when ordering outfits online, you can count on free shipping from 40 euros. If it turns out that the purchase was not right, we guarantee the possibility of returning the merchandise.

We encourage you to buy safely through our online store. Each of the ladies will choose their dream bathing suit. Made of high-quality materials, quick-drying, and resistant to UV radiation, they will serve you for many seasons.