Gift wrapping service

Opening a gift is one of the most enjoyable parts of getting it!

That is why we pay much attention to how you receive our products and we like helping you pack gifts for your loved ones. Our offer includes an option to pack your ordered gift for Valentine's Day, birthday or Christmas in a decorative box. Most importantly, we will choose the size of that box and carefully place the products inside.

If you don't like wrapping gifts, we'll do it for you!

Choose our gift-wrapping service for your chosen underwear so that it can become a unique gift for your loved one. Your gift will be delivered in a beautiful and elegant box. Our decorative box will be additionally secured with an elegant cardboard box during shipping. The size and type of your gift box will be adjusted to the ordered products by us.

How to order our gift-wrapping service?

After adding products to your order, select the gif- wrapping option in the cart. If only some part of your order should be wrapped as a gift, please add relevant information to the order in the comment section.

Our boxes come in 4 types determined by the dimensions of underwear.