Complaints and returns

The right to withdraw from the agreement (PRODUCT RETURN) in the case of distance sales with the CONSUMER's participation.

Pursuant to the Article 27 of the Polish CONSUMER’s Rights Act (Journal of Laws 2014, item 827), the CONSUMER concluding a "distance agreement" - shall have the right to withdraw from the agreement without providing a reason - within 30 calendar days from the date of taking possession of the PRODUCT. In the event of their withdrawal from the agreement, the CONSUMER shall be entitled to a refund of costs incurred. If at the time of concluding the agreement, the CONSUMER chose a method of delivery other than the cheapest usual method offered by the SELLER - the SELLER shall not be obliged to refund to the CONSUMER any additional costs incurred by them that exceed the cheapest method. The condition of meeting the deadline is submitting to the SELLER a declaration of withdrawal from the agreement. A declaration sent electronically is also valid - the readymade form can be used (and downloaded from the bottom of the website).

If the declaration is submitted in electronic form, the SELLER will immediately send a confirmation of receipt of the declaration of withdrawal from the agreement to the CONSUMER by using a durable medium.
After sending the declaration, the CONSUMER shall be obliged within 30calendar days (starting from the date of sending the declaration of withdrawal from the agreement) to return the product to the CORRESPONDENCE address provided in the SELLER's details - unless the SELLER has offered to collect the PRODUCT. The date of shipping the parcel shall decide about keeping the time frame.
The CONSUMER shall be held responsible for reducing the value of items as a result of using it in a different way than necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the item.
The SELLER will reimburse the payments made by the CONSUMER within 14 calendar days, including the costs of delivery of the items from the SELLER to the CONSUMER. The SELLER may, however, refrain from making a refund until receiving the returned item or providing a proof of sending it back by the CONSUMER - whichever occurs first. The SELLER reimburses the payment using the same method of payment as used by the CONSUMER, unless the CONSUMER expressly agreed to a different method that does not involve any additional costs for them. If the payment was made by a payment card, the SELLER shall make a refund to the bank account assigned to the Ordering Party's payment card.
Any direct costs of returning the PRODUCT to the SELLER shall be borne by the CONSUMER (CUSTOMER).
The CONSUMER shall not be entitled to withdraw from the distance agreement in the cases listed in the Annex.
The SELLER does not collect parcels sent "on delivery". Any return shipment should be properly secured against damage in transit.