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On warm sunny days on the beach, we should not only be accompanied by a swimsuit but a well-chosen pareo. Beach fashion follows the trends, thanks to which you can feel stylish and comfortable. It is essential for a successful holiday by the water. Pareo will gently cover your body while giving lightness to the beach styling. It is ideally suited to intense sun, protecting the skin against burns. Check below which pareos to choose!

Pareo - comfortable beach fashion

Choosing a pareo should be well thought out, as well as choosing a swimsuit. This piece of clothing, although inconspicuous, brings much good during your stay at the beach. First, it protects the skin against harmful radiation, and after leaving the water, it quickly restores the right body temperature and protects against wind. Usually, the pareo is made of thin material to ensure proper airflow and freedom of movement. If you want your pareo to be durable, choose a model of the highest quality fibers.

High-quality pareo material will guarantee you long-term use without the risk of damage. It is worth focusing on polyamide, elastane, or cotton fabrics. Even after washing, a pareo made of these fibers will keep looking like new. Good material makes the pareo resistant to stretching and general loss of shape. Thanks to this, it will serve you for many seasons.

Top-class pareos can be found in the Marylin assortment. In addition to durability, comfort, and style, the Marilyn pareos are characterized by various colors and patterns. Some pareos cover both the lower body only and the entire figure. These can look like skirts, dresses, and models with lacing belts. The universal size is a definite plus, thanks to which you will certainly match each pareo from Marylin to your figure.

A pareo matched with a swimsuit can perfectly complete your beach look. An adequately fitted pareo can cover imperfections on the skin and expose specific body parts. Thanks to this, you will feel freedom and self-confidence in the beach styling!

Beach pareo from Marylin - style, and comfort

All pareo models in Marylin's offer are precisely made and, at the same time, stay ahead of the latest trends. You will look original and stylish on the beach regardless of which pareo you choose. In addition, the pareo fabric is very soft and pleasant to the touch, which will ensure your skin's comfort throughout its use.

Some Marilyn pareos can be worn in many different ways. We are talking about scarf-type cuts, from which it is easy to create an exciting outfit. Such pareo can be tied around the waist; make a longer skirt or cover your shoulders with it. On the other hand, if you lack a hat, you can quickly put such a scarf on your hair, protecting against overheating.

The cuts covering the entire figure are also interesting for every female figure, and they can be slightly translucent to accentuate the figure or have opaque fibers.

Openwork, embroidered, and mesh pareos are good choices. These are very airy, boho-style proposals that look beautiful with any color and style of bikini. The whole styling takes on a light, delicate undertone thanks to light stitching, frillings, and embroidery. Marylin's offer includes pareos in shades of white or, for example, bright orange. Such a pareo will look highly fashionable while walking on the beach and relaxing by the shore.

Fashionable pareos from Marilyn

Stylish pareos from Marylin guarantee satisfaction with the highest quality product. This unique beach element will beautifully emphasize your figure and ensure freedom of wearing. The comfortable fabric will protect the skin from the sun and wind. In addition, you can take the pareo with you wherever you need an additional summer cover. Therefore, if you have no idea which pareo model from Marylin to decide on, be sure to check the available assortment on our website!