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Panties are the basic element of every woman's underwear. Properly selected panties have a huge impact on our daily functioning and there is no exaggeration in it. Well-chosen underwear provides us with comfort during everyday duties, and also has a great impact on maintaining a proper personal hygiene within our intimate areas. Our E-Marilyn.pl store offers you women's panties for every occasion and of various types. There are thongs, knickers, body-slimming and shaping panties, rich in decorations or completely devoid of them. Regardless of our type of body, age and personal tastes, certainly each of us will find a design for themselves here.

Panties for every occasion

Our e-Marilyn.pl store offers a very wide range that will certainly satisfy even the most demanding customers. In our store you will find, among others, women's panties made of the highest quality materials - cotton and skin-friendly mixtures. Regardless of whether these are panties like knickers, thongs or slimming panties, there is a comfortable cut that provides unrestricted freedom of moves during everyday activities. If you are looking for a store where you can buy panties both for work and for a date or a walk on the beach, you have come to the right place. You will find an offer tailored to each of these situations in our store. Panties like knickers are a convenient proposition that you can use almost every day, while thongs are synonymous with sex appeal and will certainly give you confidence and strengthen your self-esteem. When choosing panties, pay attention to the material of which they were made. Cotton and lace designs are the most popular ones. The first ones are perfect for everyday use by providing one hundred percent comfort and convenience in any situation, while lace ones are worth choosing when you want to feel extremely feminine. A compromise can be set by cotton panties with lace inserts. Regardless of your age and preferred designs, in our catalog you will find products for yourself.

How to choose panties for yourself?

You certainly have your favorite type of underwear. Perhaps these are panties like knickers or more built-up designs. Maybe you look for products that optically slim and shape your body, or maybe you are look for something sexy to celebrate an anniversary with your partner? In each of these cases we ensure you that you will find what you need in our E-Marilyn.pl store. However, how to choose the right design for yourself when shopping is done online and we do not have the opportunity to check the product? In this case, the best solution will be to use the size chart on our website. It will allow you to check your exact size, which will let you avoid unsuccessful purchases. If you still have any doubts, you should use some help of our customer service department, where specialists work, ready to help you solve any purchasing problem. Doubts about the size, problems with logging in or purchasing a selected design of women's panties are not a challenge for them.

Top quality women's panties at the lowest price

We prove in our store that high quality can go hand in hand with affordable prices. As taking care of customer satisfaction is our priority, we have prepared a wide range of women's panties that is very diverse in terms of colors, fits, designs, sizes, but also prices. However, you can be sure that the quality of the panties will be more than satisfying, regardless of the design you choose. On the example of one of the most popular products, i.e. panties, we can say that customers are eager to return to our online store after making their first purchases. It comes as no surprise, because each design presented by us meets the highest quality standards as well as it is fashionable and convenient to use. Let’s add to this the pleasant-to-the- touch material that does not rub against the delicate skin of the intimate areas, and we will get women's panties that every woman would like to have in her wardrobe. In turn, the low price of selected designs and frequent discounts and promotions allow you to purchase more goods. In this way, you can decide to buy selected and favorite panties or experiment with new designs and maybe discover interesting fits that will become your must-have items.