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Bathrobes or peignoirs are a home-worn underwear item which does the trick not only in the evenings, but also on cold mornings. They are made of various materials – starting from those with a plush pleasant finish that literally allow you to sink into the layers of the material pleasantly warming the body, and ending with satins and silks decorated with lace that look extremely feminine and sexy. A perfect bathrobe or a peignoir should be comfortable and visually attractive above all, so when choosing one, it is always worth being guided by your preferences and tastes.

Stylish women’s peignoirs and negligees

Every woman wants to be attractive regardless of the time of day. Sexy lace negligees and peignoirs from our offer allow you to achieve such an effect combined with your comfort. In our store, Ladies will find, among others, translucent and extremely feminine designs from a soft lace fabric that will allow any woman to show off her strengths and feel special in her own skin. These sexy equivalents of classic bathrobes are made of satin and silk. These are materials that seductively embrace the body emphasizing its shapes and boosting sex appeal.

Warm bathrobes

Ladies looking for bathrobes, whose main task is to warm the body, should primarily focus on designs made of thick and fluffy materials with a classic cut. A strap should also be attached to the bathrobe which will allow it to fit the silhouette as well as ensure a firm fit on the body. Bathrobes from our offer are made of a cotton/polyester blend that perfectly adapts to the figure wrapping it around while not restricting your moves. An additional advantage of this blend is ​​that the bathrobe is extremely light, like a feather, thus not overwhelming the wearer. The bathrobes of this type are ideal in autumn and winter because they do not let air be transferred through them, thus warming the body. Some designs are additionally equipped with warm and neck-wrapping collars and even spacious hoods. Evening relaxation in them is a pure pleasure that soothes the senses and allows you to calm down. The issue of color or the length of a bathrobe is a very personal matter because it fully depends on the preferences of women choosing this type of bathrobes. The fact is, however, that shorter items reaching to the knees are much more comfortable when worn.

Garments dedicated to warmer days

It does not mean at all that you have to give up bathrobes in spring and summer. Quite the opposite - but you only need to replace the model with its lighter counterpart made of thinner and more airy materials. In addition, stylish and extremely fashionable peignoirs and negligees, which are sexier, can become an alternative option for classic bathrobes during this period. Most often they are made of delicate satin materials with an admixture of silk. Thanks to that, their texture pleasantly cools the body on hot evenings. The decorative elements in the form of laces and embroidery give the whole a unique character. In addition to the classic use, they can also become erotic lingerie when Ladies decide to wear them only on the naked body. Certainly, this solution will appeal to many men in the bedroom. Perfect women's bathrobes should also be practical, thus it is worth choosing classic cuts and styles in uniform colors that will match perfectly with most pajamas.