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Most of us pay a lot of attention to how we look during the day. Elegant clothes, a beautiful makeup and a well-groomed hairstyle are everyday life of every woman. We try to make the best impression when being around other people. And it does not have to be this way at all - women's nightwear can also be pretty, and even elegant or sexy. Comfortable, made of soft materials, but also eye-catching. It is time to have a look through the wardrobe in the bedroom and complete it with new night clothes. You can find an interesting offer in the online store, e-Marilyn.

Women's nightwear - seductive nightgowns

Nightgowns are sometimes associated with long, fustian “dresses” covering the whole body. At the time when apartments were permanently underheated, this was indeed the perfect solution. Nowadays, when we do not have to worry about the temperature in the bedroom, we can indulge in much shorter outfits. Satin nightgowns complemented with sexy lace inserts are an example of beautiful night lingerie. Satin gently embraces the silhouette emphasizing its shapes while it is extremely sensual to the touch. Flare ones beautifully emphasize slender legs while masking any imperfections around the thighs or the hips. No less elegant and sexy are nightgowns covered with lace, the cups subtly model your breast, adjustable straps allow you to match them to any physique. Nightgowns adorned with embroidery combined with an elegant dressing gown will allow you to create a casual entourage. Ladies who prefer a touch of soothing cotton can choose long-sleeved nightgowns in saturated colours, decorated with tulle inserts.

If you are looking for a seductive version of women's nightwear, choose transparent tulle nightgown. In our offer you will find those with built-in cups and those that leave no room for imagination any longer.

Pyjamas - comfortable women's nightwear

Some women feel much better when sleeping in pyjamas. If you belong to this group, you will surely like e-Marilyn's suggestions. Cotton pyjamas are the quintessence of comfort, soft material provides warmth and allows the body to breathe freely. It is the perfect outfit for winter nights. Two-piece pyjamas consisting of a buttoned shirt and comfortable pants with an elastic band are a timeless design of women's nightwear that works in every situation. If you plan to stay with family or friends, cotton pyjamas will be perfect. You can choose one with short sleeves and legs as their version for warmer nights. However, it is not only about cotton. Satin pyjamas are a night clothing item from the category of those elegant ones. Not only the material sensually sliding on the body is a night outfit, but also a tempting piece of clothing. And satin combined with velour is an extremely intriguing solution.

Elegant summer nightwear

There are people like Marylin Monroe who declare that they sleep wearing only perfumes, especially in the summertime. However, if you do not fall into this, then you will certainly get interested in the offer of nightwear designed for warm nights. In addition to satin or lace nightgowns, two-piece cotton pyjamas do the trick very well during summer nights. Short sleeve nightgowns decorated with pastel prints with a motif such as flowers, combined with loose shorts is an extremely comfortable solution that will make you feel at ease. The cut makes pyjamas of this type look nice on any physique, their slightly oversized shape perfectly masks any imperfections. Cotton summer nightgowns in vivid, bright colours ensure comfort during your sleep, and are also suitable for a morning walk - they look like a light dress. Nightwear is an important element of the outfit, it is not worth bring neglected. In the end, we dress not for others, but for ourselves, so let's spoil ourselves with beautiful clothes, also at night. Especially if we do not sleep alone.