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Plain, thin, thick or patterned tights ideally emphasize female legs and complement any look. Until recently, it has been obligatory to don them with every dress or skirt. Despite the fact that trends are changing, it is not worth giving up on them because they can phenomenally harmonize with clothes creating a coherent whole. Depending on your preferences and needs, there are many designs of tights with different thicknesses on the market, dedicated to the autumn-winter season and warmer days. Thanks to this, every woman can find the perfect tights for herself.

Elegant tights

Wearing dresses or skirts during adverse weather conditions requires donning tights - some of the professions require women to wear tights. They are like underwear that completely covers the legs, so you can quickly and easily correct all kinds of skin flaws and discolorations with them. This is the perfect way to look elegant in every situation. Our Ladies’ offer includes a wide selection of tights - from classic plain models with various thicknesses and colors, and ending with patterned tights for special occasions that perfectly emphasize the legs by lengthening them and drawing attention to them. The high quality of workmanship ensures that our tight are durable, so you can wear them without fears of unexpected accidents, such as curls or runs that are always a big problem when going out. In addition, these tights are extremely smooth and silky-to-the-touch, which ensures not only dazzling appearance but also incredible comfort when worn. Adding some reinforcement in the toe and crotch area increases their durability and resistance to damage.

Tights dedicated to special tasks

Contrary to many opinions, winter is suitable for wearing dresses and skirts which perfectly lengthen the legs and emphasize them in combination with boots. Just choose the right matching tights that will present themselves in the right way as well as provide warmth, which is very important during this season of the year. In winter and autumn, it is best to choose tights made of materials such as wool or polyamides with a thick weave, which provides protection against frost and the cold. Their eye-catching sweater-like weave will do the trick in many looks giving them a unique character. We recommend the female lovers of classic solutions to choose our 100 or 80 den thick tights that display a matte texture and completely cover the legs without exposing them to freezing. In addition, they optically slim and lengthen them when adding charm and sex appeal to a woman. The rest of the year is suitable for uncovering and exposing the legs. Then it is also worth investing in good quality tights that will emphasize their qualities, for example with the help of eye-catching designs, imitation stockings or a subtle line running from the very heel to the buttocks on the back side. These types of designs become like original and sophisticated jewelry that goes perfectly with plain looks.

Top quality tights

Tights offered in our store are the highest quality available on the market. They are equipped in all of the elements that are characteristic of the high quality designs of this type. In this type of lingerie, the toe area and the panty area located in the crotch are most vulnerable to damage, thus our tights are equipped with special reinforcements to prevent damage to these sensitive areas. Another advantage of our tights is the buttock-shaping panty area that is equipped with comfortable gussets to ensure a perfect fit to the female body. Our reinforcements in the toe area of our tights prevent damage caused by nails and rough skin, instead. All this affects the high convenience and comfort of wearing them without worrying about your appearance. Therefore, ladies who are looking for the perfect tights for every occasion should familiarize themselves with the offer of our E-Marilyn store that includes a wide range of designs, fits and colors of tights, including luxury designs with an admixture of cashmere.