Shaping lingerie

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Every woman wants to look good, regardless of her age and body. Most of us have some reservations about different parts of our bodies. Therefore, we try to mask them in various ways. Properly selected colors or a cut tailored to the silhouette can really work wonders. They improve proportions, help others divert attention from the sensitive parts of the body by paying it to more attractive ones. Gaining a body close to an ideal can also be achieved with appropriate underwear. Today, the underwear market offers a large selection of different types of shaping underwear.

Underwear shaping the sexy curves

Feminine shapes have always been of high value, but some women cannot come to terms with it and try to gain the slimmest body at all costs. We forget that men, however, appreciate sexily rounded shapes. So it is good to take care of your fitness and a balanced diet, and you can shape your body using our shaping underwear. You will find a large selection of underwear of this type in our e-Marilyn online store. It should be emphasized that this is not a clothing item designed only for women who want to hide something. It helps every woman display the strengths of her body by emphasizing her slender waist or rounded hips. Shaping knickers with high waist are very popular among ladies. They can perfectly reduce the circumference of the hips as well as gently flatten the stomach. They perfectly shape the entire body from the groins to the breast. The laser-cut microfiber of which this type of panties are made allows for creating seamless underwear, so it does not stand out underneath clothing. In addition to the knickers, we offer slimming boxer shorts that give the effect of slightly raised, firm buttocks thanks to the special cut. Female holders of generous thighs will certainly appreciate the benefits of mid-thigh slimming panties. Special shaping straps also give a push-up effect of lifting the buttocks.

Shaping underwear and a fitted dress, i.e. a perfect duo

If you often wear dresses and skirts in which you want to look really slim, invest in shaping underwear like a half-slip. Their high waist flattens the stomach when hiding the folds on the sides. The smooth surface means that a clothing item worn on it fits perfectly without getting static or moving around. The bottom edge of the half-slip can be finished with lace, and its fragment protruding from under the dress will give an intriguing effect. In addition to half-slips, you can also find shaping skirts in our online store. This type of shaping underwear will be perfect under a matching skirt or dress. Perfectly tamed sides and emphasized waist are undoubtedly the doing of such a skirt. In a situation where you want to put on a very fitted dress you can wear a shaping dress underneath. It is sewn in the shape of a flexible tube, which gives the female body a classic hourglass shape. Emphasized waist, sensually raised breast and rounded buttocks are the effect that will delight every woman who will decide to buy this type of modeling underwear with us.

Modern fabrics in shaping underwear

A shaping acrylic top worn underneath any clothes gives the body the desired shape as well as fulfills a thermoregulatory function. In addition, it works great as a useful item of clothing for winter sports. You can choose sleeveless and short-sleeved shirts, both types perfectly adapt to the body shaping the waist and the hips. They are made of Japanese yarn combined with lycra, thanks to which they adhere to the body like a second skin. You can wear them underneath your clothing, but they will also work well solo. Various types of bodysuits temptingly enhancing the feminine shapes are another type of shaping underwear. A separate category are corsets that lift the breast while slimming the waist and emphasizing the sensual line of the hips. Shaping underwear allows you to hide unwanted sides and folds while beautifully emphasizing those elements of the female body that look extremely attractive such as round breast or sensual buttocks. Shaping underwear made of modern fabrics adapts to the shape of the body but does not limit the range of moves, which makes even fitted clothing look extremely attractive.