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We can really find a lot of different products among the lingerie items designed for women. In addition to bras, petticoats and panties, various types of T-shirts play an important role. This item is perfect to be worn underneath clothing as well as in a solo version. The online store, e-Marylin, offers you a selection of T-shirts that are suitable for different occasions. Certainly, our comfortable T-shirts made of modern materials will perfectly meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

Elegant and functional nightdress for every woman

Nightdress bought at a lingerie store are fundamentally different from the regular T-shirts. They are made of the highest quality cotton, often with the admixture of precious fibers, such as natural silk. Thanks to this, the fabric perfectly adapts to any silhouette without embracing it tight and restricting movements. An elastic T-shirt emphasizes the waistline and the breast. A neckline, for example, a V-shaped one, allows you to show off your attractive curves. T-shirts can have a lace neckline finish, which means that they will look good as the main element of your look or, for example, as an addition to a jacket as well. An elegant, and above all comfortable T-shirt will work well as the basis for a casual look. Our offer includes T-shirts with the addition of silk in white or black and in a long-sleeved or short-sleeved version.

Discreet nightdress for special occasions

See-through, lace or tulle nightdress are perfect not only as nightwear. Leavers lace, of which one of the T-shirts available in our offer is made, adapts to a woman's body shaping the silhouette and forming tempting curves. The neckline emphasizes the slenderness of the neck, which gives the whole an extremely sensual character. The thigh-high Poupee Essential T-shirt is decorated with lace straps that reach up to the waist. Lace transparencies combined with flawless whiteness result in an outfit full of sex appeal, but associated with some innocence at the same time. In turn, the black tulle Poupee Tracey T-shirt is definitely erotic in its character. Despite the “polite” half-thigh length, it really reveals more than it covers up. The bra cups support the breast well while allowing for a really tempting neckline. The bottom of the T-shirt is finished with lace, which suggests that it can also be treated as a very elegant petticoat. All female lovers of transparency will also love the T-shirt where the part covering the breast is decorated with spectacular multi-colored embroidery. The light and airy T-shirt will work perfectly as sleepwear. Among the T-shirts offered by our store there are also classic petticoats, often worn underneath clothes. Plain petticoats made of a thin, knitted material or satin gently shape the silhouette and cause that any dresses and skirts worn over them do not get static, thanks to which they fit perfectly.

Special task nightdress

The nightdress offered by our store include those that are eagerly worn by the ladies of all ages and sizes. These include the body shaping t-shirts. Slightly tight-fitting, smoothing the folds and reducing the waistline and the hipline. The yarn used to sew them is manufactured using modern technologies. Thanks to this, a breathable and comfortable material, which adapts to the body like a second skin, has been produced. No seams make this type of T-shirts virtually invisible underneath any clothing. Our store may encourage you to choose a shaping T-shirt with a mini or midi length that will look great underneath a fitted dress or skirt. It is also worth emphasizing that these are thermo-protective T-shirts that drain moisture away from the body. Our comfortable and pleasant-to-the-touch T-shirts are the perfect solution for every woman. Our online store,e-Marilyn, will definitely offer you a T-shirt tailored to your needs.