Over-the-knee socks

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They are hosiery items made of a slightly thicker material that reach above the knee - they are longer than knee socks but shorter than stockings. The most common fits are those made of elastic, tights material in dark colors or a knitted fabric. They are finished with a pressure-free welt, which also becomes their decoration. They can be worn alone or on tights as an item additionally warming the leg, and complementing a feminine look. The multitude of colors, patterns and designs means that almost every woman is able to find perfect over-the-knee socks tailored to her preferences and requirements.

Why is it worth choosing over-the-knee socks?

The autumn and winter season favors wearing pleasant-to-the-touch and complete accessories, such as over- the-knee socks. They are a great alternative to leg warmers or thick socks. They look stylish and make female legs emphasized and come to the foreground. You can easily match them with both short boots and long boots. In our store we offer over-the-knee socks made, among others, of pleasant- to- the-touch cotton woven as a sweater weave, which nicely embed the leg and complete your look. In addition, we also offer over-the-knee socks made of thinner materials that can become a sexy accessory that will make sure that no man will be able to take his eyes off a woman. The reinforced formula on the toes and the durable welt make the over-the-knee socks from our offer a purchase for many seasons.

Warm and comfortable over-the-knee socks

Winter time is a period when we especially want to wrap ourselves in pleasant materials - we recommend all women loving dresses to buy comfortable and elegant over-the-knee socks from our offer, which will allow you not to give up your tastes while ensuring adequate protection of your legs against cold and frost. Over-the-knee socks from our offer are made of pleasant and soft materials that perfectly embed the leg without slipping off it - this results from making the over-the-knee socks of flexible fibers that hold them in the right place. Additional decorations in the form of bows or patterns make their female users look extremely feminine and sexy at the same time. The fashion for over-the-knee socks became widely popular a few years ago and since then it has continuously been dominant among the best specialists in this field – therefore, we can safely reach for them. More brave women can opt for colorful patterned designs that attract attention and are the main ornament of their looks. Ladies with more subtle styles are recommended to wear over-the-knee socks in all shades of gray and black that look phenomenal and spectacular when combined with opaque tights, emphasizing their legs that are the greatest feminine advantage.

How to wear over-the-knee socks?

This design of lingerie goes very well with all kinds of dresses and skirts with a midi length. The length of a dress should be selected so that there is a free space between the over-the-knee socks and the dress, covered with tights or not. By combing over-the-knee socks with a simple dress, you can get an extremely fashionable and stylish look in a few seconds. Over-the-knee socks do not limit your possibilities when it comes to choosing footwear, but they look best on heeled shoes - all kinds of winter boots, boots or stilettos are also a good choice. If you want to lengthen your legs optically, you should choose over-the-knee socks to match the color of your shoes, thanks to which your legs will become visually slimmer and longer. Combining shorts, tights and over-the-knee socks is also a great idea for an autumn look like the movie stars. Over-the-knee socks also look great when they subtly protrude beyond shoes with a long upper - they can then be stretched to the knee or gently rolled under it. It is worth remembering that over-the- knee socks is a versatile solution that will work in any season of the year, not only during cold winter days. By intermingle them into their outfits, women can quickly achieve a sexy look that will make them feel really confident in their own skins.