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A bodysuit is a very ambiguous item of woman's clothing. On the one hand, it allows you to subtly shape your silhouette, i.e. it works as underwear, on the other hand, it is perfect for wearing solo. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from dozens of cuts and colors as well as materials of which they are made. In the online store, e-Marilyn, you will find a bodysuit tailored to the needs of every woman, regardless of age and size. Women choose bodysuits due to comfort provided by them. Fasteners located in the crotch ensure that the entire outfit will be in place, even if you move intensively. It is not just a piece of lingerie, it is also a base for many intriguing looks. So let's stock upc your wardrobe with a few pairs of bodysuits for different occasions, you will feel really sexy and elegant wearing them.

Sexy bodysuits not only for the evening

Bodysuits have not long been an item of clothing that has been shamefully hidden underneath other garments. Designers have appreciated its potential and made it not only a piece of lingerie, but a real decoration of the female body. Lace or mesh ones, made of extra soft and flexible materials, they look beautiful on a woman's body. It is worth paying attention to the French-style bodysuits that offer an extremely tasteful cut, where the softly profiled cups fit perfectly to the breast and the plunging neckline goes down to the waist. They expose the back. The whole is made of a fabric imitating beautiful lace. The elastane admixture makes bodysuits perfectly adhere to the body. Mesh bodysuits looks equally elegant. In the e-Marilyn offer you will find a sensual bodysuits in which a subtle ‘eclaces’ lace and fishnet mesh are combined. The front is quite heavily built-up while a teardrop-shaped inset is placed on the back, thanks to this bodysuits will make a really thundering impression on every man.

Elegant bodysuits to be worn on a daily basis

Purchasing a body is an excellent investment. When choosing one of less transparent materials, we get an item of clothing that can be an excellent basis for many looks. For example, an envelope-shaped bodysuit with long sleeves that is decorated with a V-neckline. It elegantly shapes the silhouette emphasizing the waist. It is perfect to be worn in combination with a skirt or trousers to create a casual look. After putting on a jacket or a cardigan, it can become the basis for an office outfit. In turn, a bodysuit with a stand-up collar or a turtleneck, decorated with crystals or sequins, for example, will work as an item of the evening outfit, especially if you choose those with long sleeves in classic black. In romantic versions, bodysuits’ upper parts and shoulders can be finished with transparent lace. This provides a refined effect without unnecessary ostentation. No less romantic are the bodysuits decorated with floral applications in the breast area. Some roses covering the breast in combination with a small neckline produce a very interesting effect. In addition, bodysuits can be worn as beachwear. When made of soft cotton with straps decorated with a garland of summer flowers and an open back in combination with a floor-sweeping skirt, it will create a fantastic outfit for summer walks.

Body is a perfect piece of clothing

Remind yourself how often you rearrange a blouse or a shirt that slips from behind a belt of your pants or skirt. Every woman knows that frequently bending down, raising hands, or running to the bus results in the need to rearrange something all the time. Bodysuits are the perfect solution in this situation. By being fastened with soft naps at the crotch, they ensure that you will always look perfect, even with vigorous moves. No “clothes” coming out, everything is in place. Classic sleeveless body suits will successfully replace T-shirts while shaping the body and providing thermal comfort. Bodysuits are a really perfect outfit for every situation. There are bodysuits’ versions that combine several functions. The loose cut combined with soft material and facial color makes it possible to wear bodysuits being a combination of shorts and a shoulder-strap T-shirt as nightwear, home-worn clothing or beachwear. The Marilyn online store offers perfect bodysuits for any occasion. Familiarize yourself with our offer and you will certainly find your dream body here.