Garter belts

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If there is an item of a woman's clothing that has always made every man's heart beat faster, it is definitely a garter belt. Before tights and hold-ups were invented, it had been the must-have item in every elegant woman’s wardrobe. When a woman wanted to put on stockings, she had to somehow prevent them from sliding down. Elegant garter belts served this purpose more or less. While in the past their functionality was the most important, now we attach much more importance to their appearance. Our e-Marilyn online underwear store offers beautiful garter belts in which every lady will feel very feminine.

Garter belts - functionality in a duo with elegance

Many ladies claim that real women wear only stockings because tights will never look so elegant. In order to agree with them or not, you have to check for yourself if your legs attired with stockings look better. However, you should buy the right garter belt in order to get down to it. This utensil works in an extremely simple way: we put on a belt fastened with hooks, and attach our stockings to four slings dangling to the bottom by using special clips, and that is it. Most garter belts are designed so that they could not be only functional but also extraordinarily sexy. They can come in a daily or more extravagant version. In the less extravagant version, they are made of satin with the admixture of elastane. By using these modern materials, they perfectly match the body shape of the wearer. They can be decorated with subtle embroidery, a bow, or can remain completely plain. Fastening with easy-to-use hooks will allow for adjusting the circumference in a comfortable way. Additional corset-like cuts used in the belts and a higher waist allow for beautiful body shaping, slimming the hips and emphasizing the waist. Smooth satin garter belts do not stand out underneath clothing, so you can wear them freely on a daily basis.

Seductive garter belts

If you dream of a slightly more seductive version, wear garter belts made of elegant lace. Extremely soft-to-the-touch, wonderful leavers lace with thin lashes will not leave your skin bruised or irritated. Beautifully ornamented Italian lace makes the garter belt a small lingerie work of art, which is a shame to keep only for yourself. Looking for original ideas for this piece of clothing, you can choose a thin belt made of connected zircons. Shiny stones and nothing more, admiration of every guy guaranteed. In turn, the romantic garter belt made of delicate white lace is perfect as an addition to your wedding lingerie, you will look like the embodiment of innocence.

A garter belt is a kind of fetish for many men. Therefore, garter belts in combination with elegant stockings and sexy knickers give a thundering effect that absolutely no man will be able to resist. No matter if you present him your belt on purpose or completely by accident, you can be sure that he will not stop thinking about you. In addition, it can also work on your imagination, so you will feel extremely sexy and seductive when wearing it underneath your everyday outfit. At the same time, you will be aware that your stockings look impeccable and there is no risk of them suddenly slipping down. If you are not still convinced to the fullest whether a garter belt should be found in your wardrobe, then try modern garter garters for starters. The wide thigh-attached straps with gold rivets and clips will ensure that your elegant stockings will always be in their right place. No matter if you are a single or married for many years, a garter belt is a great idea to add a bit of fire to your clothing. Familiarize yourself with the offer of our e-Marilyn online store, and you will definitely find something that will inspire you.