Knee highs

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Knee highs are a compromise between ankle-exposing short socks and overall tights. They work especially in formal situations, when the dress code does not allow exposing the body. Made of thin hosiery fabrics, they perfectly isolate feet from footwear while providing comfort in even the most close-fitting shoes such as high heels. There are many designs on the market, from those completely transparent ones and practically invisible to the eye to those decorated with patterns that can become a stylish addition to any outfit.

Knee highs as a way to look elegant

Knee highs are not only a convenient way to warm up calves and feet in cold weather. They are ideally suited to elegant shoes and 7/8 pants. Knee highs from our offer are made of durable, soft-to-the-touch materials that ensure comfort and convenience when worn. The flexible formula makes them perfectly adhere to the calves and fee without slipping off or rolling unsightly in the ankle area. Additional equipment in the form of a wide gusset holds them in place without squeezing the leg too much. A wide selection of designs and colors allows every woman to choose the perfect knee socks and match them to her looks, regardless of the occasion. The diverse density of fibers means that by putting on knee highs socks, you can both perfectly cover the skin to protect it from the cold as well as to only accentuate its color in a quick and extremely simple way. Knee highs from our store:

  • are made of resistant and flexible fabrics
  • are finished with a comfortable and wide gusset
  • are reinforced in the toe area, which ensures their durability
  • come in a variety of colors and designs so that every woman could find the perfect ones for herself 
  • Knee highs and their advantages

Knee highs are extremely versatile hosiery. They can be worn without any restrictions throughout the year - both in winter in combination with warm boots, and in spring or summer with ballerina shoes or slippers and even high heels. In addition, knee highs look extremely sexy on women's legs emphasizing their shape, eliminating all kinds of skin flaws and harmonizing its color. They also fulfill a protective function against the cold. They go well with almost any look – versatile knee highs in flesh color will work with any woman, regardless of her age or style. On the other hand, those in darker shades will help slim the legs, and patterned designs will become a real decoration of a look. Knee highs come especially handy in the warmer months in looks based on pants and high heels or other shoes exposing the instep. They allow you to protect your feet against injuries that could result from wearing shoes bare feet without forcing you to put on tights that are extremely uncomfortable when combined with pants.

Knee highs as a fashionable element of your look

The trend for knee highs combined with skirts comes from American schools, where such a combination most often forms the basis of a school uniform. It has spread quickly in everyday fashion causing the knee socks to come to light from under other clothes. By combining colorful knee highs with a pleated skirt and sports shoes, you can get a stylish and fashionable look like from the most famous fashion houses. Patterned knee socks - for example, dotted ones - in combination with high heels and a skirt, give a woman an innocent girlish and yet sexy, edgy look, which ensures that no one will pass by her indifferently. Our store offers a wide selection of knee highs not only in standard colors, but also those in patterns and with the texture of fishnet stockings, so you can feel extremely feminine and create timeless fashionable looks in just a few seconds by choosing lingerie from our store.