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Poupee (French: a doll, baby) is a new brand by MARILYN that offers women lingerie with a French, sophisticated design rich in luxurious details. Hot Poupee everyday lingerie and nightwear are targeted at women who are “young at heart” - regardless of their age. Just like a woman likes to change, the Poupee lingerie offers elegant, sexy, sweet and sometimes slightly eccentric models ...

Hot Poupee - luxurious lingerie that seduces your senses

Poupee focuses attention on great care for the quality of materials. Fabrics, as delicate as a woman's body, attach female customers through falling in love by touch. French lace and Italian knitwear decorated with Swarovski jewelry create an extraordinary collection of the limited Hot Poupee lingerie for female connoisseurs of beauty and exclusive quality. This lingerie seduces you by touch by pampering your body with a precious silk addition, makes you addicted to the comfort of wear and its precise structure that perfectly fits the woman's body. Poupee lingerie has a magical power - it touches your soul and body, stimulates your senses, influences your mood and emotions.
The Poupee by MARILYN line is unique lingerie that seduces your senses. Delicate fabrics, lace, sophisticated decorations and bold cuts harmonize perfectly with each other while adding a sexy charm to your silhouette. A Poupee woman has two faces - she is sweet, subtle, and yet, tempting and intriguing, but always extremely sensual. The colors of our line embody the character of the brand - the intriguing black and red, which add a hint of mystery, are perfectly contrasted with the powder pink and delicate gray. Poupee by MARILYN allows every woman to discover the sensual face of beauty.

Poupee by MARILYN - what do we offer?

The Poupee by MARILYN collection is based on the rich range of French lace, Italian embroidery, airy tulle and exclusive diamonds. That is why in our offer you will find beautiful thongs, briefs, bras, bodysuits, corsets, nightgowns and garter belts made of the above-mentioned high-quality fabrics.
Special attention should be focused on the intricately made briefs “Pearls of love…”. They are made of subtle lace and elastic microfiber and enriched with 6 chains of pearls on the back. There is a large French bow in the middle of the belt. These are one of the most exclusive Poupee lingerie items. Our tasteful black briefs with pearls are the quintessence of sex appeal and femininity. However, if you are a fan of thongs, the Poupee by MARILYN line will also meet your expectations. We offer, for example, thongs with a red flower applique at the front or designs supported by golden rings. The choice is huge!
Our Hot Poupee everyday lingerie and nightwear also include sexy bras. You will find many push-up models that appetizingly exposes and lifts your breasts. Black and red Poupee bras with original frills, embroidery and laces are in the lead. They sensually round and optically enlarge your bust.
The Poupee by MARILYN collection does not lack airy nightgowns with provocative cutouts. We also recommend sensual bodysuits in the shades of black or red. They are perfect as erotic lingerie as they are made of soft and silky-to-the-touch fabrics. We also offer bodysuits styled with a lace-up neckline and a pink rabbit tail - your man will be delighted!

Poupee by MARILYN - the boldest lingerie styles

We have unique gems for true female lovers of sexy and provocative lingerie. Among them there is bodystocking, a lace one-piece outfit that covers almost your entire body. Bodystocking comes with sensual cutouts on the neckline, back, crotch and other areas. This bold lingerie item that awakens your senses to the fullest! You can buy bodystocking items from the Hot Poupee line at the most attractive prices - even below 50 PLN.
Erotic gadgets are also becoming more and more popular in the Poupee by MARILYN collection. Self-adhesive nipple covers made of pearls, eco-leather handcuffs with buckles and a rose gold chain, a tickling feather ... maybe you will also dare to take on small challenges in the bedroom?
Check out our Poupee by MARILYN offer today and choose a perfect lingerie item for Valentine's Day, Christmas, special occasions and just for everyday use!