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Petticoats are an ultra-feminine items of clothing, associated with elegance and sensuality. This is an essential accessory if you do not like your lingerie to imprint underneath fitted clothing. If there is no petticoat in your wardrobe yet, it is time to change it. A selection of elegant and affordable petticoats can be found in the online store, Among our proposals, you will certainly choose something that perfectly stock up your wardrobe, do not hesitate and familiarize yourself with our proposals. you do not even have to leave the house in order to purchase in our store!
Modern petticoats
If you associate the petticoat only with an old lady who wears this item of clothing carefully hidden underneath a woolen skirt, it is time for you to change this view. Contemporary petticoats are made of innovative materials that help you shape your silhouette in a “magic” way. They allow you to slim the body, emphasize the waist and hide what we are not satisfied with. The fabrics used for making petticoats are perfectly fitted to the silhouette, but do not restrict movements, allow you to breathe freely. The most versatile cut is a simple petticoat with thin shoulder straps with a deep neckline, half the length of the thigh. Plain shoulder strap petticoats supplemented with a silicone strip slightly lifting the breast, form a tempting neckline and can be worn underneath a fitted dress or blouse without hesitation. The upper part of our petticoats can successfully replace a top - after putting on a fitted jacket you will get an intriguing look. In turn, the lack of decorations or lace will make our petticoat completely invisible, and fulfill its function at the same time. Satin petticoats cause that the dresses and the skirts worn over them look great, do not get folded or static. If you do not like a petticoat in the classic version, our store offers a half-slip which is the bottom part of a traditional petticoat. Its special cut and raised bodice make it perform a slightly body-controlling function, gently flatten the stomach and smooth out all unwanted folds. No seams and a perfectly smooth texture prevent a skirt worn on our petticoat from folding and getting static. Half-slips are often finished with elegant lace, its edge protruding from under the trim of the skirt gives a really intriguing effect.

Petticoats in the evening version

An elegant lace or tulle petticoat can be easily treated as a nightgown, or ... A petticoat made of a beautiful lace pleat, fitted to the body, providing fantastic visual impressions, will please not only you. The strips in the line of the cups supporting the breast and the bones will create a compelling neckline. If you additionally combine it with the captivating red color, you will get a garment worth sinning for. Some petticoats are even considered as erotic lingerie. If you are a brave woman and want to feel sexy and ultra-feminine, opt for a beautiful lace petticoat. Even if you wear it as an item of your everyday clothing, you will feel special while being aware that your body is wrapped in a silk or satin petticoat. Thin, fog-like petticoats perfectly fulfill their functions whereas look beautiful.

Petticoats as dresses

Contemporary fashion continues to surprise. First, it had made petticoats and corsets go out of date, and now it is announcing their triumphant return. And not at all as items of lingerie carefully hidden underneath clothing, but as full-fledged items of outerwear. Mind-stimulating petticoats have been replacing dresses, interestingly not only summer ones. They can be worn directly on the naked body or in a less bold version, combined with a cotton top, a knitted blouse or even a thin turtleneck. The whole can be completed with an oversized cardigan or a loose jacket. Interestingly, lingerie petticoats are even accompanied by denim pants on the catwalks. Regardless of whether our petticoat will serve you as an undergarment, an sleepwear item or your dress , you will certainly be satisfied with this purchase. Familiarize yourself with the store’s offer, we assure you that you will find many interesting inspirations with us.