Marilyn Poupee Naked Skin Seamless Elastic Slip

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Naked Skin slip is a lingerie which serves as a slip made of extremely thin and nice to touch microfibre of high elasticity. The bottom of the slip and the V-shaped neckline are trimmed with the "clean cut" technology. Thanks to the "clean seamless technology" the lingerie does not show under clothing acting as a second skin. The delicate, elastic shoulder straps are adjustable. Naked Skin is a "must have" lingerie that is flesh-coloured or made in practical black colour. It is perfect under summer as well as winter dresses. The slip is extremely comfortable and practical. It does not restrict body movements. The slip is very elastic and it is offered in One Size.

Composition: 77% nylon, 23% spandex

Product description

Naked Skin slip is a lingerie that serves as a slip which used to be an integral part of every elegant lady's wardrobe. Today the slips are back on track in a new contemporary version and are becoming an indispensable element of lingerie in case of form-fitting clothes. Naked Skin slip from the Poupee collection by Marilyn is available in the form of a chemise. The offered model was made from thin and nice to the touch microfiber of very high elasticity. The material composition is 77% nylon and 23% spandex - thanks to which the slip is very elastic and adheres perfectly to the body. The slip reaches mid-thigh. The bottom of the slip and the V neckline are trimmed with the clean cut technology, the so-called seamless technology, thanks to which the lingerie does not show under clothing and forms one line with your skin. The desigg is trimmed with adjustable thin shoulder straps. The chemise is available in flesh-coloured and black and occurs in one universal size, the so called OneSize, so women of different silhouette and height can choose it without any hesitation.

Naked Skin is a 'must have' lingerie you have to have in your wardrobe. It is ideal both under thin, weightless and see-through outfits as well as under thick winter clothes. The slip we offer is extremely practical and comfortable. The special cut and higher waistline shape your body, gently flatten your belly and smooth out any unwanted folds. It will be practical in situations when you want your clothes to fit your body perfectly, without gathering or slipping. Due to Naked Skin slip, your dress will stay in shape even when you are dancing, which is especially important for evening dresses when you want to look perfect. Our model is perfect for flared and form-fitting dresses but also for skirts.

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