Marilyn P37 Cotton Low Cut Socks

Product code: HHHSP37BL

Fancy women's low cut socks. Made of cotton. Interesting jacquard on toes. Plain bottom. They have a silicone strip on the inner edges to prevent slipping. Comfortable and elastic. They hold well on the foot.


Composition: 70% cotton, 20% polyamide, 10% elastane


Product description
These fancy low cut socks protect our feet but do not increase the body temperature. In summer, they will provide us with comfort and convenience as well as a good feeling because they are also very creatively sewn and decorated. The pattern consisting of two horizontal stripes filled with airy jacquard mesh makes them look very attractive.

P37 Cotton Low Cut Socks are made mainly of cotton, therefore they are very healthy for feet. Their composition is 70% cotton, 20% polyamide, 10% elastane. They are breathable and absorb moisture. The composition with a predominance of cotton makes the foot breathe. Thanks to the socks we can wear our favourite shoes all summer long without risking abrasions and excessive sweating.

P37 Cotton Low Cut Socks have a plain bottom, and on the inner edges they have a silicone strip which prevents slipping. Thanks to the addition of polyamide and elastane fibres they are stretchy amd perfectly adapt to the shape of the foot. They are resistant to abrasion and other mechanical damage. These low cut socks are therefore comfortable to wear, they adhere to the foot well and do not allow the skin of the feet to overheat and sweat.

The low cut socks in black can be worn even with elegant black shoes. They will not be visible and even if their edge protrudes slightly it will be unnoticeable due to the colour. Anyone who uses them once will definitely not give them up.

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