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In the old days, a corset was a must-have item of a woman's clothing. No well-born woman could attend a social event without a corset. When tightly laced, it gave the silhouette a temporary fashionable shape. A perfectly flat stomach and wasp waist result from wearing a corset. Women often could not breathe freely or eat - they had to maintain an unnaturally straight pose and be careful not to make any sudden gestures. Dresses looked perfectly fitted on them, and men could not take their eyes off them. In the name of fashion, they bravely endured the discomfort of corsets. Nowadays, corsets appear much less often, but if you want to quickly correct your silhouette, this may be the solution just for you.

Your perfect silhouette thanks to the corset

A rounded body where it should be like this, without additional folds, a flat stomach and narrow waist are an ideal available to a small group of women. Most of us are not completely satisfied with our shapes. Therefore a piece of lingerie was created to help shape the body as we wish. The online store, e-Marilyn, offers a wide selection of shaping underwear, including corsets. Professional corsets are able to slim your waist from 4 to even 15 centimeters, so it is worth a try. This is an ideal way not only to gain a slim waist, but also to lift and pull the boobs together. Bones built into our corset flatten the stomach and help you hide the folds on the sides. It is just a magical way to change your silhouette. Contemporary corsets are made of modern materials that are friendly to the skin, do not irritate it, are breathable and are extremely pleasant-to-the-touch and look very stylish. This is such an item of women’s clothing that you do not want to hide underneath your clothes.

Seductive corsets for every lady

Our store's offer includes elegant corsets that can be worn as an inseparable element of an evening look. They will go perfect as a costume not only for a carnival party. Our corset made of thin foam finished with a soft microfiber is equipped with properly profiled cups that will lift the breast and give the neckline a fantastic shape. It is possible to detach the shoulder straps, then the corset will remain on the body thanks to the sewn-in silicone strip. This type of corset can be equipped, for example, with an overskirt that will help you hide the belly while emphasizing the roundness of your hips. By combining the corset offered by us with an elegant skirt, you will get an incredible outfit that will delight more than one man. If you are looking for something a little more spicy, then you will also find corsets in a slightly more boudoir version in our collection. Based on the costumes straight from the Moulin Rouge, our elegant half corset provides an original look. It is laced at the front, fastened with a zipper at the back, which makes it easier to put it on and take it off. After lacing you can get the effect of a really narrow waist. Built-in bones help give your body the desired shape, and in combination with perfectly profiled cups you get a really elegant and functional corset.

Beautiful corsets for brides

Nowadays, however, we choose shaping underwear more often than corsets - corsets seem passe to many women. There are occasions though when a corset seems irreplaceable. A wedding dress, ideally fitted, looking great throughout the wedding requires proper lingerie. In this situation, a corset is irreplaceable. Our Marilyn online store’s offer includes also some proposals for future brides. Bones beautifully shape the waist, push-up balconies will allow you to gain your dream neckline, and detachable shoulder straps will make your corset easily match the selected gown. The whole is smooth, so as not to imprint under the clothes, but the bottom is decorated with subtle embroidery. In addition, the corset is equipped with clasp-including ribbons, thanks to which you can attach your stockings to it. A perfect figure, a beautifully fitted gown and admiration of everyone present at the wedding are guaranteed.