Funny 50 Den Marilyn's Opaque Knee Highs

Product code: HHHPFUN

Knee highs are women's clothing item, which is used in spring, autumn and winter, allows you to protect your feet from the cold, but also complement everyday outfits. Knee highs are perfect as an addition to trousers as well as long skirts. Their main purpose is to ensure maximum comfort when wearing footwear. Their presence on your feet allows you to eliminate the risk of abrasions or overheating and sticking your feet to the inside of the footwear. When choosing the right knee highs, it is worth paying attention to their quality that should ensure maximum waering comfort and durability. A solution appreciated by many women are Funny, 50 DEN, opaque knee highs, whose design and quality has been noticed by the most demanding Ladies. It is worth adding that they will work well as an addition to any type of footwear - from ballet flats to pumps, high heels, Oxford shoes or even ankle boots, or boots, for cold days as well as for warmer ones.

Composition: 92% POLIAMID 8% ELASTANE

Product description
Our Funny, 50 DEN, opaque knee highs are made of a high-quality, warm fabric that is microfiber. The thickness of the knee highs is 50 DEN, thanks to which they maintain warmth, but also are fully opaque. Our knee highs comes also with a wide non-compressive elastic band, which allows you to keep the knee highs in the right place throughout the day, and yet does not cause unsightly-looking deformations and compressions on the feet. The applied solution allows you to use knee highs also with tight pants because they come perfectly hidden underneath them. This design also close-fits the legs perfectly and adjusts totheir shape. Composition: 85% polyamide, 15% elastane. Available in various colors, black, gray, nude, navy blue and even purple. All of them in various shades. Due to their composition of the fabric, they are available in one size that adjusts to the size of the feet.

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