Marilyn Lux Line Nf New Toeless Low Cut Socks with Silicone

Product code: HHHSLNF

Toeless low cut socks with ABS function and a silicone strip on the heel. Elegant, smooth and airy. They are trimmed with flat seams. Exclusive LUX LINE model. Ideal solution for open toe shoes.
Composition: 95% POLYAMIDE, 5% ELASTANE

Product description
Can the feet make walking easier? Yes, yes, it is precisely for this purpose that the Lux Line Nf New Marilyn fingerless socks with silicone were created. Their first secret lies in the silicone sole, which stabilizes the feet in each shoe, even on a 20-centimeter heel.

The feet, however, have something more up their sleeve, namely the toe-less construction. You can wear them with open-toed shoes and no one will even notice that you are wearing socks. Thanks to this, you will prevent abrasions and irritation, the foot will not slip in the shoes, and you will also maintain stability and balance even during wild dances on the dance floor. Simple isn't it?

The fingerless socks with silicone Lux Line Nf New Marilyn are a kind of superhero among ordinary socks. You will wear them for a wedding party, for work, but also for a long-awaited date. Discreet, invisible under the shoes and extremely comfortable, they ensure your comfort for many hours. And all this for just over PLN 10.

In Marilyn's offer you will find fingerless feet with silicone Lux Line Nf New Marilyn in black and nude shades. You can easily match them with both light and dark shoes for any occasion. To make you feel and look great, just what you deserve!

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