Marilyn K24 Low Cut Socks with Silicone Edge

Product code: HHHSK24B_

The low cut socks which do not protrude beyond the line of the shoe are very stretchy and the flat seams prevent abrasions and the unpleasant feeling of pressure. The reinforced and seamless edge of the low cut socks and silicone prevents slipping. The breathable material of the sole allows the foot to breathe.
95% polyamide, 5% elastane

Product description
Such a combination guarantees long usability of the product despite frequent wearing and multiple washings. Their quality does not diminish even after long-time of wearing. Seamless, stretchy and perfectly adhering to the foot k24 low cut socks with silicone edging form a comfort and convenience which is worth remembering every day. Every woman will be satisfied with this choice, regardless of her age and style preferences. It is a combination of top quality and durability. Definitely it is an excellent choice in any case. The best way for a woman to feel comfortable in any situation is to have plenty of high quality personal lingere starting with women's socks and following through other lingerie models such as panties, tights, stockings and bras. Marilyn brand is a leading Polish manufacturer with 20 years of experience which creates unique collections such as Classic which includes plain and patterned tights, leggings, knee high socks or shaping and medical underwear. The Fashion collection, in turn, includes models full of patterns and originality. Surely, many women will find in this collection lingerie ideal for everyday wear as well as for special occasions. We invite you to our stationary shops in the country. We will be happy to help you choose the best solutions for every season for women, men and children.
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