Marilyn K13 Jacquard Low Cut Socks

Product code: HHHSK13VI

Extremely breathable, stretchy and pleasant to the skin texture provides comfort.
Low cut socks are trimmed with soft lace that does not irritate the skin.
They prevent abrasions and are almost invisible in the shoes.

Product description
The socks provide comfort all day long and do not stick out of your shoes which is extremely aesthetically pleasing. The socks are suitable for both elegant and sports shoes and thanks to their elastic finish, they prevent annoying abrasions. The socks do not put pressure on the foot and do not leave marks on the skin which allows you to wear them all day long without feeling uncomfortable. Thanks to their openwork patterns, they are almost invisible on the feet which makes it possible to wear them with almost any footwear.

Jacquard low cut socks are made of breathable and stretchy material thanks to which they will be an ideal choice also for very warm and hot days. The socks are made of 85% polyamide and 15% elastane which makes them perfectly adapted to each foot size without putting pressure on the foot or causing irritation. Wearing jacquard socks also allows you to comfortably put on any type of footwear without worrying about chafing or painful blisters. The breathable texture of the socks guarantees that your feet do not sweat and remain fresh all day long even in high summer temperatures. The jacquard k13 low cut socks do not put pressure on the foot and are almost invisible on the foot, so they will be the perfect choice for women who value discretion. The socks come in four colour variants thanks to which everyone will find a colour which is perfect for them and which perfectly matches the colour of shoes. The socks come in one universal size but are stretchy and elastic to fit any foot.

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