Marilyn Forte 948 No Stress Non-binding Socks

Product code: HHHS948GR

Plain cotton socks made of top quality cotton knitted fabric. They have a non-binding special welt. The feet do not sweat in them. They are very comfortable.

Composition: 70% cotton, 25% polyamide, 5% elastane

Product description
Forte 948 no stress plain women's non-binding socks are comfortable and soft, so women happily wear them at home, during out of town excursion and long journeys. The thin material is pleasant to the touch, so it provides exceptional comfort in any situation. The socks are so soft and light that you can wear them to sleep during frosty nights. The absence of a welt means that your legs feel relaxed and light in the morning. The socks are made of knitted fabric which adheres well to the foot but at the same time does not compress it, so the underwear is suitable even for demanding users prone to lymphedema. Thanks to the durability of the knitted fabric, the socks are resistant to abrasion, holes and stretching during washing. The model is available in several classic colours, which are easy to match with the colour of shoes or trousers. The ankle length makes them universal socks suitable for all seasons.
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