Marilyn Forte 58 Long Women's High Socks

Product code: HHHSL58BL

Women's cotton socks.

Comfortable. They adjust to the size of the foot. They have a comfortable and non-binding welt.

Cotton socks.

Composition: 70% COTTON 25% POLYAMIDE 5% ELASTANE

Product description
The presented model of socks are forte 58 long high women's socks. They are made of high quality material - cotton. It is a material ideal for feet, providing comfort in full shoes but also allowing the feet to breathe and protecting them from overheating. The socks, with their narrow leg, provide adequate protection against the cold but also do not expose the legs when combined with shorter trousers, such as for example ⅞". Another important element is the comfortable and non-binding welt which allows you to keep the socks constantly in the right place without worrying about unsightly folding but also without the problem of the pressed legs.The presented model is available in one universal size. One size model adapts without any problem to the size of each woman's foot. Composition: 70% cotton, 25% polyamide, 5% elastane. The socks are available in three colours: black, grey and white. Do you have them in your wardrobe? Or have we just convinced you that they are worth buying?

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