Marilyn Relax 80 New Xl Therapeutic Tights

Product code: HHHR8EN

Therapeutic Relax tights with a thickness of 80 denier.

Thanks to the change of the composition to 3D the tights stretch perfectly and adhere to the legs.

Increased compression in the ankle and a changed structure of the panties part significantly affect the increased functionality as well as the comfort of wearing.

Composition: 86% POLYAMID 13% ELASTANE 1% COTTON

Product description
Relax 80 new therapeutic tights are made of tested materials. They are composed of 80% polyamide and 20% elastane due to which they are extremely stretchy and durable. The manufacturers took care to improve the panties part. Its construction has been changed which increases the comfort of each user of the tights. The products are timeless - popular for many years, they still follow the latest trends. Durable and appropriately selected relax 80 tights are therefore an investment for several seasons which can be used during any season. The compression in the ankle was increased due to which the tights fit the body better and allow for comfortable wearing. Health relax 80 new tights are a proposal for every woman who is looking for functional pieces of clothing. They will not only look great but also prevent leg fatigue and stimulate blood circulation. Ideal for a woman of any age, tights are a rescue for aching limbs.

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