Marilyn Lux Line Normal Cotton Low Cut Socks

Product code: HHHSNCO

Exclusive Lux Line stretchy ABS low cut socks.
They are trimmed with a flat and wide welt which provides additional comfort of wearing - the trimming does not cut into the foot and does not press.
Low cut socks adhere very well, thanks to the silicone strips. They prevent chafing and are ideal for flat shoes!
Composition: 95% polyamide, 5% elastane. Sole: 95% cotton, 5% elastane

Product description
Exclusive Lux Line low cut socks will perfectly protect our feet in shoes such as flat shoes or ballet shoes. They will be perfect for summer due to the very high content of high-quality cotton. Cotton will ensure breathability, the foot will not sweat and we will feel fresh and comfortable. The low cut socks have been trimmed with a wide and flat welt thanks to which the sock does not press the foot and does not cut into it. In addition, we added silicone strips due to which the socks adhere better to your feet.

During hot days our feet are often exposed to discomfort, abrasions and many other unpleasant ailments. We often walk then in sandals or other types of open and airy shoes. However, if we have to wear full shoes or flat shoes, our feet are exposed to many discomforts and are put to the test. However, we can help them by wearing Lux Line normal cotton stretchy low cut socks. Those socks are airy, nice to wear and adhere to the foot very well. The socks are available in three colours and in one universal size. They ideally adapt to the shape of your foot and thanks to silicone stripes on the inside of the heel welt, they do not move and do not fall off the heel. So you can successfully wear your beloved flat shoes or ballet shoes even during hot days and expose your beautifully tanned legs, because the cotton low cut socks will provide comfort to your feet all day long.

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