Marilyn Lux Line Exclusive Silk 15 Denier Plain Tights

Product code: HHHESIL

Lux Line By Marilyn is an exclusive line of hosiery. Carefully selected materials, precision workmanship and elegant design make women's legs wrapped in luxury. Silky smoothness, cashmere softness and perfect fit guarantee the highest level of satisfaction.

Exclusive and extremely delicate 15 denier tights made in 3D technology. The invisible toe part ensures comfort of use.

- super strong

- invisible toe reinforcement

- comfortable waistband

- small cotton gusset.

Composition: 80% polyamide, 19% elastane, 1% cotton

Product description
Lux line exclusive silk 15 denier plain tights have an invisible toe part which increases the durability of the material and protects it against quick snagging. Comfortable waistband does not press and does not show under clothes and a small cotton gusset makes the tights fit the body better and adapts to the woman's silhouette. The model is therefore suitable for slim and short women as well as for women with fuller silhouettes and higher women. Silky smooth material gives women self-confidence and makes them look perfect in every situation. The tights are distinguished by cashmere softness, therefore they are suitable for ladies who care about comfort and exceptional appearance. The model is available in several classic colours which can easily be matched with your natural skin colour and chosen outfit. As a result, the lux line exclusive silk 15 denier tights are suitable even for those who do not find the usual tights necessary - the exclusive tights with 3D technology are perfect in every way.
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