Marilyn K22 Low Cut Polka Dot Socks

Product code: HHHSK22BP

Stretchy, ultra-comfortable low cut socks for shoes. They have a silicone strip on the inside edges to prevent slipping. They are strongly cut, ideal for flat shoes. Fashionable polka dot pattern.

Composition: 95% polyamide, 5% elastane

Product description
Presented Fashion K22 polka dot low cut socks are a functional solution with an ergonomic shape fitting the shape of the foot. They are made of high quality material, stretchy and ultra comfortable. Thanks to the silicone strip on the inside edges, they grip the foot perfectly and do not slip down like other similar models. The presented model, due to its strong cut-outs, will perfectly match flat shoes but also stilettos or court shoes. Their decorative element is a modern polka dot design. Available in two colour variants: black or beige. Their cut and silicone straps make them fit every foot despite their universal size. Composition: 95% polyamide, 5% elastane. We confirm that their presence in a woman's wardrobe is a must. You should not think about whether to buy them but which model to choose. Slightly more casual or maybe elegant in the form of low cut socs complemented with lace decorations? Check out other models as well.

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