Marilyn Erotic Vita Bassa 30 Low-rise Tights

Product code: HHHEVIB

30 denier sexy hipster low-rise tights. trimmed with elegant lace with silicone on the low hip line. The panties part with a flat seam and a small cotton gusset. Toeless.

Composition: 89% polyamide, 10% elastane, 1% cotton

Product description
These sexy tights are trimmed with a striking lace that wraps around the hips and emphasizes their shape. Additionally the lace attracts attention to a slim waist. This is why it is the lingerie which can be used during dates and intimate evenings only for two. The low-rise model is completed with silicone, hidden under the lace thanks to which the tights stay firmly on the hips and are protected against slipping down. The lingerie offers complete freedom of movement, so you can choose it even for an all-night party at the club or for a wedding reception. The erotic vita bassa 30 low-rise tights are available in several colours and sizes suitable for both very slim and fuller women. They can be worn with evening dresses and business outfits when you are looking for lingerie that gives you confidence and enhances your perfect silhouette. The toeless sytle allows you to combine the tights with sandals and other shoes, which are worn throughout the summer and on other warm days.
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