Lux Line Slim Emotion 30 Marilyn Women's Plain Slimming Belt Tights

Product code: HHHRSEM

These exclusive, extremely delicate and silky-soft-to-the-touch tights with a thickness of 30 DEN are made in a seamless technology. Their perfect fit to the body line emphasizes the waist, and the 18-cm lace belt effectively shapes the body. The silicone finish of the belt prevents the tights from slipping, rolling in the upper part and standing out even under very tight clothing. They are made of microfiber in 3D technology. They come with an invisible toe reinforcement.

Lux Line By Marilyn is an exclusive hosiery line. Carefully selected materials, precision workmanship and elegant design make women's legs wrapped in luxury. Silky smoothness, cashmere softness and a perfect fit guarantee the highest level of satisfaction.

 Composition: 75% polyamide, 24% elastane, 1% cotton

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