Exclusive Make-Up 10 Lux Line Marilyn Thin Tights

Product code: HHHEMU1

Among the best-selling tights created by Marilyn, you can find thin Exclusive Make-up 10 Lux Line tights. The design with silky smoothness and an exclusive character has been created for the most demanding women who also have to wear tights in summer. This 10 DEN design ensures comfort and luxury that embraces a woman's leg all day long. This very thin product is practically imperceptible, and every woman can easily match the tone to her skin complexion thanks to several shades of brown. The composition of our thin Exclusive Make-up 10 Lux Line tights is 80% polyamide and 20% elastane. This means that the product is very durable, yet elegant and feminine. The latest technologies have been used to create the proposed design, which makes the legs look sun-kissed, gain cashmere softness and a perfect fit. Invisible toe reinforcements, a small cotton gusset that ensures discretion, and a comfortable elastic waistband that prevents them from slipping are also great advantages.

Composition: 80% POLIAMID 20% ELASTANE

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