Erotic Vita Bassa 50 Marilyn Hipster Tights

Product code: HHHEV50

These 50 den toeless, pantiless tights with a reduced waist are finished with a decorative lace with silicone. They are stretchy and semi-matt, and come with a small cotton gusset.

Composition: 92% polyamide, 7% elastane, 1% cotton

Product description
These Erotic Vita Bassa 50 Marilyn hipster tights represents a design that is gaining more and more recognition among demanding female customers seeking for original styling solutions for spring and autumn. They work well for women of all ages. The main advantage of the tights from our store is the perfect harmony with shoes and boots as well as their excellent protection against heat loss, and the guarantee of comfort. This stretchy design offered by the Marilyn brand is semi-matte and transparent, which makes it match perfectly with all outfits, regardless of whether they are elegant or casual. Its composition of a mixture of polyamide, elastane and nylon ensures maximum comfort of use, even all day long. These Erotic Vita Bassa 50 relaxing hipster tights, which are non-compressive at the waist, are available in two sizes: 5- XL and 6-XXL. Ladies, who have decided to buy them, appreciate the reinforcement of the panty part with a gusset, which makes them feel confident and comfortable in any situation, even all day long. Their comfortable seams also allow you to forget about the elements of tights that stand out underneath thin satin skirts, and what's more, they make a woman feel beautiful and sexy in any conditions.
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