Cover 100 Marilyn Matt Tights

Product code: HHHCO10

100 DEN matt tights that are made of 3D microfiber. They come with a flat seam and a small cotton gusset toeless.

Composition: 86% polyamide 13% elastane 1% cotton

Our Cover 100 matt tights are made of 86% POLYAMIDE, 13% ELASTANE and 1% COTTON, which makes them flexible and not irritate delicate skin. High-quality materials are a guarantee of durability and comfort, and a perfect fit to the figure is a key element. Thanks to their high elasticity, they behave like a second skin on the body, do not slip off and remain in place when worn. Thanks to their toeless finish, they do not irritate the toes and do not cause abrasions or corns, and a wide range of shades, from classic to more lively ones, ensures a perfect match with any outfit while emphasizing slender legs and a shapely figure. Perfect coverage provided by the appropriate thickness of the tights is a perfect solution for cold autumn and winter days, and thanks to the variety of colors, they are perfect for elegant outings or business dinners.

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