Marilyn Fodki Women's Thin Socks

Product code: HHHFODK

Thin socks are an element of clothing which should be present in every elegant woman's wardrobe. The 15 denier model will replace classic, warm socks and tights. It can be worn with elegant shoes worn to the office or for bigger outings as a complement to a stylish suit. Thin socks are perfect as protection against abrasion in pumps, derby shoes or flat shoes. Thanks to them, the legs look tasteful and women feel more comfortable. Fodki women's thin socks are made of mattee material, trimmed with a non-binding welt. The non-binding welt is recommended for ladies who do sedentary work and want to avoid problems with swollen calves. The socks easily adjust to the width and length of the foot because they are made of 90% polyamide and 10% elastane which increase their stretch. The model is available in two classic colours: black and beige, so it is easy to combine it with many items of clothing.


Product description
Classic socks offered by Marilyn are a proposal for women who want to look elegant and feel comfortable in every situation. Thanks to thin socks made of 15 denier fabric, wearing pumps or heeled derby shoes ceases to be troublesome. The foot is well protected against corns and blisters even when you put on a new pair of shoes for the first time. Fodki women's thin socks will look great with any model of stilettos, derby shoes or pumps. The material of the thickness of classic tights allows to wear the socks even during warm days when dress code does not allow to wear barefoot shoes. In autumn and during spring days, the toeless socks will help to protect against the morning chill on your way to work or in the evening, when you put on elegant shoes for a date or going to the theatre. The price concerns the package containing 1 pair of socks.
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