Marilyn Bamboo D66 Low Cut Socks with Silicone

Product code: HHHSD66

Low cut socks form a great solution appreciated by young and mature women. You can use them with all kinds of footwear, although they are mainly used as socks for derby shoes. You can wear them with stilettos, flat shoes, pumps, lords, loafers and many others. The high quality material ensures the comfort of wearing any shoes, thanks to minimising the risk of chafing and overheating the foot. The perfect fit to the foot makes it easy to keep them on without slipping, which increases the comfort of wearing in any situation. It is worth mentioning that perfectly fitting shoes, without leaving unsightly looking materials, make women feel not only beautiful, but also feminine and sensual. If you are wondering what model will be perfect for you, one of the most interesting ones are Bamboo D66 low cut socks with silicone which thanks to their minimalistic design fit any footwear. All you have to do is choose the right colour!

Composition: 95% viscose, 5% elastane

Product description
Bamboo D66 low cut socks with silicone are made of high quality material which makes them ultra comfortable but also they perfectly fit the shape of the foot and shoes thanks to its flexibility. Their inside part is equipped with a silicone strip located on the inner sides of the low cut socks. The silicone also ensures maximum fitting to the foot and eliminates the common problem of slipping of the socks. The presented model is a heavily cut model, ideal for ballet shoes, heavily cut stilettos or other footwear. The socks are available in one universal size. There is a possibility of choosing black or visone version of the low cut socks thanks to which their colour can easily match the colour of your shoes. The possibility of fitting the low cut socks in many manners, allows you to completely hide them in your shoes which increases the elegant look of any outfit Composition: 95% viscose, 5% elastane. Check out the other models of low cut socks and choose the perfect one for any occasion.

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