Coco M12 Marilyn's Fishnet Hold-Ups

Product code: HHHCM12

Coco M12 fishnet hold-ups with an elastic band with the Marilyn logo.  They will work well both with everyday outfits as well as during elegant evenings or special occasions.

Product description
Coco fishnet hold-ups are available in our store in two sizes, which allows you to adjust them to your body, as well as in a classic black color. They look great both combined with dresses giving them a sexy character as well as distressed trousers and leggings, coquettishly sticking out from under the fabric. The elastic formula of the fabric, of which our hold-ups are made, makes them perfectly fit the entire surface of the leg without compresing it or causing discomfort. Their flat seam located in the toe area ensures comfort of use even throughout the day. Our Coco fishnet hold-ups are a proposal for women who like to experiment and play with fashion as it allows you to create original oufits in various versions. It will also do the trick in the bedroom when combined with one of the lingerie sets available in our store by creating a sexy erotic outfit that will ignite your senses and warm up the atmosphere in bed.

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